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Daylight saving is ending: Tips to help kids adjust their body clock faster!

1.  Gradually change your schedule: 

Most older children will adjust to the new schedule without too much problem but if your child is more sensitive to sleep adjustments you can begin to adjust their schedule by 15 mins a day.  Over the next few days move their mealtime, bath time and sleep time 15 mins later and they should be in sync with their new bedtime without getting too tired.



2.  Keep it dark:

The sun will be rising earlier relative to the clock time and our body clocks are designed to rise with the sun, so make sure absolutely no light is creeping in your child's window in the mornings. Giving your child a nice dark room will help them sleep to their normal morning wake up time.



3.  Get plenty of sunshine:

Sunshine has an incredible effect on the body's circadian rhythm. It halts the production of melatonin (the hormone that regulates sleep/wake cycles), which will help to reset the body's internal clock to the new schedule. So head outside, especially in the morning, and go run around in the crunchy autumn leaves.


Daylight saving officially ends at 2am Sunday 1st April which means your clocks and watches need to go back 1 hour.


It can take up to a week for a child’s sleep rhythms to adjust, so be patient and remember those early wake ups won’t last forever.  Fingers crossed for that extra hour of sleep!